Do I Really Need A Custom Application?

Before we begin the discussion about customizing an app for your business, we first need to determine if your business really needs an app. This article will explore mobile applications, who needs one, and what’s involved in building one. 

Consumers Comfort With Mobile Applications

Statistics about our mobile and app usage are a good place to start. 

We can generalize from this information that consumers have become extremely comfortable with mobile apps, trusting the technology and preferring the convenience. However, it does help if the application is connected to a large, credible brand. It’s understandable that the more well-known and reliable an organization is, the more comfortable and trusting we will be with their tech.

What Will Your App Do

You can see from the popular apps above, that most mobile applications perform a function. Your business needs to determine “what function(s) will our app perform?”

It’s likely your app would serve as a powerful touchpoint for your brand. Each time a customer engages with it, they should feel it was worth their time. Additionally, considering that many phones have limited storage, the app needs to remain relevant, or it risks deletion. 

Some common functions businesses provide with their apps include:

  • Using the app to transfer large files (graphics, videos, etc). 
  • Storing sensitive information such as credit card details. 
  • Offering a customer loyalty program through the app. 
  • Providing menus or purchase options, and a portal to place orders.
  • Messaging or communications. 

It may be helpful to think of your app as another product or service your business offers. When selling something to your audience, you’re filling a need. The app should also fill a need or provide something of value. 

Potential Benefits From Building An App

  • An app can make it easier to promote your business. Push notifications through the app are a popular way to do this. 
  • Apps can improve how you and your audience communicate. They can make it easy to obtain honest feedback, answer questions, solve problems, etc. 
  • Being in the app stores is another way to expand your customer base.
  • A customized app can help increase sales by providing a safe and convenient location for purchases. 
  • An app can provide your organization with more data, improving campaigns, internal deficiencies, and allow you to better cater to your customers.

What’s Needed To Make An App?

Traditionally, apps are expensive. Very expensive. They also used to be known for taking up to a year to build. This is because of the variety of screen sizes and operating systems. That’s all starting to change though.

No-code web and mobile development have taken off these past couple of years, making it much easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming to build an app. Bubble No-Code Development is especially great for customizing an app to provide the functions your customers need and want while remaining a true representative of your brand.

No, and low-code options are changing the way a lot of organizations do business and represent themselves online. It’s providing faster, quality results – whether you’re looking for a full website, an app, or a private portal. 

What’s especially great about the simplicity of designing an app this way, is that you and your organization can leave the development up to no-code specialists, while you work on promoting the app for your customers to easily find, download, and fall in love with.

Interested in learning more about building a no-code app? We love to help!