Is NoCode a part of Web 3.0?

The future of the internet is here.

Currently, we are living in the era of Web 2.0: the interactive, social internet that unfortunately is also prone to data breaches, censorship and the evils of monetization. However, change is on the horizon: Web 3.0 is the future, and it’s already in the making; we can see it in the rapid evolution of technology all around us.

In Web 3.0, the word of the day is “decentralization”–applications that use the decentralized network will rule the space. In terms of business models, new blockchain business models are slowly gaining popularity. Building apps on the blockchain will improve new technologies and bring the vision and process of app-building into the new era.

Enter blockchain apps (DApps). These apps are the new frontier of developers wanting to jump on the Web 3.0 train. Building blockchain apps usually requires a vast amount of platform-specific coding knowledge and skill; however, no-code tools like Bubble are now making it possible for developers with little to no coding experience to build DApps.

Here are some ways that no-code tools are becoming an integral part of Web 3.0.

Accessibility and Interoperability

The basic tenets of Web 3.0 are transparency and a fairer network that is inclusive and free to all, without the spectre of privacy and security breaches. This will be evident in technologies like AI, big data and others which will facilitate a more personalized web experience than ever before for users. Additionally, web apps will be more intuitive and accessible for daily use in the lives of citizens around the globe.

Interoperability is another crucial facet of Web 3.0. Because the network will be decentralized, it will become easier for applications to work and run smoothly at all times, no matter the device or platform. Apps will work well on TVs, smart roads, smartphones, etc. This will also make it really easy for developers to develop Web 3.0 apps.

Web 3.0 No-code Tools
In the spirit of accessibility to all and making participation in Web 3.0 open to anyone and everyone who wants to contribute, no-code tools are a prime example of technology being put back into the hands of all users, equally. Anyone with an idea for a DApp and the desire to build something at low cost with massive potential can do so, even with limited coding experience.
Bubble is a leader in the no-code movement, providing a point-and-click web editor and a cloud hosting platform as well as a host of other features. Developers can create powerful customized web apps as well as workflows ranging from simple to complex, all with little to no coding knowledge. Developers can create prototypes, SaaS products and more thanks to Bubble’s capabilities. While the learning curve to mastering Bubble is a bit tricky, Techmate Labs can help guide you through the process smoothly.

No-code tools like Bubble are breaking down the barriers for developers and making it possible to build DApps and create smart contracts thanks to its collaboration with Nexus. The Nexus plugin in Bubble connects to the Nexus API, allowing developers to create low-cost blockchain applications with no coding knowledge.

Nexus Plugin Functionalities
The Nexus Bubble Plugin offers these features to get your no-code Web 3.0 project off the ground:

  • Create and manage user account (Signature Chain)
  • Create and retrieve NXS wallet account
  • Send NXS (debit)
  • List account transactions
  • Create and retrieve fungible tokens
  • Create token accounts
  • Send fungible tokens (debit)
  • List token and account transactions
  • Create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — called “Asset” on Nexus
  • Store assets’ arbitrary data on-chain
  • Transfer of assets to other users
  • Tokenization of assets
  • Retrieve blockchain data — blocks and transactions
  • Retrieve blockchain data (blocks, transactions)


As the world transitions away from Web 2.0 to the more accessible, transparent and decentralized Web 3.0, developers looking to build blockchain apps don’t need extensive coding knowledge anymore. Thanks to no-code tools like Bubble and the Nexus plugin, anyone with a great DApp idea can make their project come to life quickly and take part in the evolution of the Internet.

Have a great idea for an app or a DApp, but not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’re actively building your web or mobile app but just need some additional help with launching it? The Techmate Labs team is an experienced team of professional developers with decades of experience and a passion for helping fellow developers make their ideas come to life. Give us a shout to discuss your project and find out how we can help.