PWA’s on and How it Changes Everything

Connectivity is equal to profitability when it comes to improving your business’ digital footprint. From niche sites and forums to ubiquitous columns of menu browsing, online ordering, parcel tracking, and interactive UI’s, web-based development has become synonymous with immersive and fulfilling digital experiences for customers across all industries.

How do you know which is right for you and your business between web development and a standalone application?

The proliferation of smartphones and handheld devices worldwide offered new opportunities for businesses exploring platform-specific applications alongside their website development. Melding the best of the instantaneous and highly connective features of Web Applications with the push-notifications, cross-app keystroke connectivity, and local file writing ability of a Platform-Specific App leaves you with something known as a PWA—a Progressive Web App.

Techmate Labs has been there, and we’re here today to prove not only possible and advisable to create these PWA’s on—it’s also easy!

The Lineage of Progressive Web Applications

A great way to visualize the niche of PWA’s is to think of Web Applications and Platform-Specific Applications in terms of what they offer in user experience, then mix together the advantages of the two.

A Web Application is instantaneous and connective. It gathers up-to-the-minute information and pipelines it to your browser for fast, reliable connectivity. You can reach any user of the same web platform instantaneously. These services can be static or fluid, responsive or permanently referential through internal linking. They are like the roots of a forest floor, connecting everything in unseen ways.

A Platform-Specific Application is native to the platform you’re working on. Applications like movie and audio editors, drag-and-drop documents, and video game titles allow you to control music, switch between applications, and access your system files, all from a consistent window. These applications truly live on your device, and their reach is only limited by the scope of the program itself.

The takeaway is that WAs focus on connectivity and PSAs offer a rich experience. Is it possible to have both while offering superior connectivity? With a lightweight frame and a PWA, yes!

Progressive Web Application Benefits

A Progressive Web Application takes the breadth of Platform-Specific development and combines it with connecting with users worldwide. With connectivity through social media, location data, and mobile ordering being an incredibly profitable avenue for companies to explore with their online strategy, a Progressive Web Application offers a compelling and low-latency solution for reaching more users faster.

The advantages outside of connectivity are similar to cloud development—easy updates, seamless integration, and a lighter frame of code required for practical user experience. A lightweight alternative to a dense standalone application also means less development time, resource-specific knowledge, and hosting fees are required for users to access your PWA.

For instance, when Starbucks offered a PWA alongside their native iOS app, the resulting site was 99.84% smaller, offering better connectivity for rural and poorly networked areas. They doubled their web-situated user base in a short time and are set to see as many web-based orders as those routed from the iOS application.

While we’re working fast, why not go even quicker with low-code programming?

Building Your PWA

Many developers in the no-code space have launched free solutions for quickly turning your build into a PWA. Our choice is Progressier—a total solution for constructing a responsive PWA.

Following this guide will see your PWA live in less than three minutes using only four steps and a simple service worker. All of the necessary tools and code lines are inside! also offers a Progressive Web App plugin at a modest $15/mo or $49 one-time charge. By following this guide, you can quickly implement and customize your web deployment for improved application functionality and reach—all without leaving the native codeless space.

It’s never too early to explore your options for improved mobile functionality. With, connecting and optimizing your connections has never been easier. However, we could all use a little help from time to time, especially when marketing and promoting your new launch.

Techmate Labs partners with small and medium-sized businesses to create compelling and fluid Progressive Web Applications that mirror the rich experience of Platform-Specific launches. We also look great doing it.

Want to learn more? You can reach us online to get started on creative solutions for the business you want to see and the user experience that best serves your customers. Hit us up any time—we’re eager to get started!