Mobile User Trends in Recent Years

(And why you need to remember them!)

A Shift In Perspective
If there is anything that the last few years have taught us, it is that mobile phones – and specifically smartphones – are not just the new normal. They are the new us. They are the new consumer, professional, artist and more; and while they do not replace who we are, in a practical way they are extensions of ourselves and the things we seek. To us, these are the mobile user trends of recent years that must not be forgotten in times ahead.

Mobile Is Everywhere
It goes without saying that most of the North American adult and young adult population owns a mobile smartphone. One of the most significant statistics is that US adults spend on average of approximately 3-4 hours per day on their smartphones (whether sporadically or in large blocks of time) – which, for any business or organization, means that they are missing out on exposure and engagement if they are not considering leveraging all the possibilities at their audience’s actual fingertips. This is not a drill: in 2019, two-thirds of consumers used their phones for product research prior to pulling the trigger– even while physically in stores where personal assistance could have been requested, it wasn’t. If this isn’t proof that you need a website and/or app that meets the consumer where they are (and looks spectacular, like yourself!) we don’t know what is.

Think Integrated
Let’s say you already have an online presence. You should want to improve the connections you make with your audience and refine the experience. Attention to detail without sharing too much all at once (life lessons, people!) is key. Aesthetics and intuitive navigation are a must, though everything in sight should highlight your strengths, show some personality, and invite your audience to involve themselves in the process. “Want more info about this?” Click here. “Not sure about that?” Click there. As your audience, I already have a general idea of what I’m looking for, even if I like being shown something fresh and exciting. I’m just looking for a friend: one that is organized, flexible, well put together, and that won’t break my heart (or the bank for that matter).

It’s All Within Reach
No matter your purpose or dream, your future is only as good as your accessibility in the form of modern, mobile, user-oriented platforms, websites, and apps. Alone, it’s no walk in the park. Thankfully Techmate Labs is here to provide the necessary guidance in this ever-shifting digital landscape. Give us a shout!